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What is a Product Explainer video?

Today’s customers are more informed and connected than ever before. When they find a product they like, their first reaction is to google it, instead of buying it right away. As a result, companies who invest in smart marketing strategies to help their products/services stand out from the crowd are the ones who deliver greatest sales.

The most effective way to accomplish this is by creating an ‘explainer video’ for your product or service. 

An explainer video is a short video that explains the features, benefits, and usage of the product or service you offer. Creating an explainer video can not only increase conversion rates but also helps to drive traffic to your website as well as add credibility to your business and increase trust among potential customers.

Introduce, explain and promote your products or services.

Explainer videos are used for various purposes, typically to introduce and promote a product or service. They’re great resource to help inform, educate and teach customers about a product/service you offer, helping to increase sales and grow web traffic – and best of all they are super quick and easy to share!  

Additionally, explainer videos are increasingly being used as part of an after sales service programme to help customers with their new purchase.

Benefits include:

  • Increased conversion rates – according to the data collected by Wistia, businesses that use explainer videos experience an average increase of 93% in conversion rates.
  • Increased traffic to your site – studies show that customers who watch an explainer video are likely to visit a website again, while those who don’t watch the video only revisit a site once.
  • Increased brand trust – explainer videos give a company credibility and help potential customers understand the benefits of your product and how it solves a problem or fits into their lifestyle.
  • Increased sales – explainer videos can help you increase sales by providing a better user experience, boosting brand trust, and generating leads from brand awareness.

5 top tips for creating your Explainer Video

  1. Be absolutely clear on the top 3 benefits your product/service brings to your customers.

  2. Think about the most common questions you are currently asked – and make sure they are answered in your video.

  3. Write a draft script for your explainer video – and then ask a few people to critique it for you.

  4. Hire a professional video company to help you write your script and to bring your explainer video to life.

  5. Add your video to your website – and share the hell out of it on social media!

In Summary

An explainer video can help you increase sales, boost your conversion rates, and drive more traffic to your website. It can help amplify your brand and create even greater awareness of your product and company.

To find out how an explainer video can help your business and to get an idea of what it might cost drop us a line below:

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