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How to write a brilliant video brief

When it comes to producing video content, production is only half the battle. In order to ensure that the finished product is as effective as possible, you need to plan your video thoroughly. A great place to start is with a video brief.

A video brief is essentially a written document outlining what needs to be produced, why it’s necessary, who it’s for, and any other details that may be useful during production. Creating a clear video brief will save you time and money by ensuring that there is clarity and shared understanding from the outset.  Plus it will help ensure that every step of the production process is as efficient and streamlined as possible.

Who is your video intended for?

When you create a brief, it’simportant to keep your target audience in mind every step of the way. Some of the things you should consider when deciding who your video is for, include:

  • Current customers –what does your typical customer or service user currently look like?
  • Prospective customers – do you want to reach a new customer base and if so, what does a typical new customer that you want to attract look like?
  • Age – Certain demographics are more likely to purchase certain products or services than others. This means that the language you use, the style of video you produce, and the general message of your video should all be tailored to your specific age group.
  • Gender – It maybe that your product or service appeals to any gender – but gender can have an impact on your marketing strategy. For example, men and women may respond to specific sales techniques in different ways.
  • Location – The location of your target audience is another important factor to consider when creating a brief. If your product or service is location-centric, then your brief should take into account where your audience lives etc. This may mean that you produce your video in a specific location or that you produce multiple versions of the same video for different regions or areas.

Why is it necessary?

It’s important to remember that your video is the first thing that potential customers will see. This means that you need to make sure that it immediately hits all of the notes that you want it to. If you fail to do this, then you risk losing viewers before they even get to the main content. This can lead to lower engagement rates and a poorer click-through rate, as well as a reduction in conversions. This means that you need to have a compelling introduction that covers all of the key selling points of your product or service. You also need to create a strong call-to-action that leads viewers to your desired outcome.

What do you want people to do?

You need to decide what you want to happen after your video has been viewed. Do you want viewers to visit your website? Do you want them to make a purchase? Do you want them to sign up for a mailing list? Do you want them to share it? All of these things are important to consider when writing your brief. When you know what you want your video to do, it becomes much easier to write a brief that leads viewers towards your desired outcome. You can also use this information to create metrics to track the effectiveness of your video.

In summary, what makes a brilliant brief?

CLARITY – Make sure everyone is aligned on the key details and aware of the intended keymessages and desired outcomes of your video

PURPOSE  – Be clear on why are you commissioning the video and what you want it to achieve

AUDIENCE Consider who you are trying to reach and provide any data/insight or analysis you may have on them

BACKGROUND – Share any previous video content you have and look at what your competitor are up to!

BUDGET – Have an idea of how much money you have available to spend – and discuss this with your video production company. A ballpark figure will allow them to set realistic expectations, resources and goals. At Big Buzz Productions we can tailor work to fit a budget – and we will be honest with you if we can’t!

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Writing a video/filming brief is a necessary part of your video production process and it will save you time and money by ensuring that everyone is clear on what you are trying to achieve. It will also help you to focus on the most important things – the things that your audience are most likely to respond to and take action on.

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