Welcome to the 2018 Gang Show Store

Hello and welcome to our special Gang Show store. Here you can buy copies of the official 2018 DVD or USB Memory stick of the 2018 show. 

Please see below the two items that are currently available to buy. Payment can be via PayPal, Bank Transfer or by sending us a cheque.

Any questions or problems please do not hesitate to contact us at enquiries@bigbuzzproductions.co.uk

PLEASE NOTE: The memory stick holds the show as an MP4 or .mov file playable on most computers and laptops.

Please do not assume that because your television has a USB port, it can play files from a USB drive. In some cases the port is solely designed for use by engineers who need to run software on the television, for example to update or repair the set. If you simply want to plug the stick directly into your television to play please be advised to check before purchase. Refunds will not be available.

2018 DVD 
The full 2018 show and 
bonus material.

DVD - £25

The full 2018 show (and bonus material) in full High Definition.

Memory Stick £25