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Hiring aerial filming/photography services

Aerial drone filming and photography services are becoming a really popular and cost-effective way for businesses to give their business, products or venues visibility and stand out from the crowd. From real estate and venue promotions to roof inspections and product commercials, aerial film and photography offer a unique angle that viewers and customers find really compelling. An aerial video is more dynamic than a ground-level video because of the bird’s eye view it provides.

If you’re considering hiring an aerial filming or photography company or contractor for your business or personal project, this post will help you get started with tips on what to look for and what details to understand before signing any contracts.

When hiring an aerial videography or photography company, you should always check a number of things before you hire them:

1. Qualifications

UK rules and law are based on the risk of the flight; where you fly, proximity to other people and the size and weight of your drone. Whilst operators don’t need a ‘license’ to operate a drone commercially we would always recommend you check the level of experience and what qualifications the drone pilots hold.

Commercial drone pilots must have:

  • A flyer ID – Specific to the pilot
  • Operator ID – Specific to the company/organisation (which must be visible onthe drone)
  • An A2 CofC certificate (to fly drones of size up to 250g)

For flights of larger drones (over 250g) and more complex flights the drone operator should hold authorisation from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). This will give you the assurance that pilots are fully trained and understand the laws and permissions you will require for aerial work. Sky Visual holds authorisation for commercial work from the CAA and all its pilots are qualified with a number of years experience.

2. Insurance

You should always check the company’s insurance policy. Aerial videography and photography can be a risky line of work, so the videographer should have a liability insurance policy in place that reflects the riskiness and potential damages involved in the shoot. If a videographer skips out on insurance, they’re probably not taking the job seriously or they may be untrustworthy. They may also be cutting corners when it comes to safety and using lower quality equipment, which is obviously a big red flag.

3. Previous work

Have a good look at the company’s website to see examples of their work – and if necessary ask to talk to one of their previous clients. Ask them about the process they will go through to deliver your work and who will be the member of staff you will be working with. This will help you to decide whether the company has the right level of experience and whether it will be the right ‘fit’ for you and your business to work with.

4. Cost

Like most businesses, costs for drone services will vary depending on the specific requirements of the client. Short, simple flights to capture a few professional photographs can start from as low as £200 and day rates can vary across different companies – anything from £650 a day up to £1500! We always suggest that the best thing to do is to make contact with the company, tell them your requirements and they should be able to give you a good idea of the likely costs involved.
Sadly, there are a number of ‘hobbyists’ with drones who position themselves as professional drone companies and charge next to nothing for their services. Cheapest is not always the best or most sensible option for work of this nature and we would always recommend that you check on the experience, qualifications and insurances before hiring an operator.

5. And finally

Aerial filming, photography and surveying have massively progressed both technically and creatively over the last few years. What was historically the unique territory of Hollywood blockbusters and big budget companies is now possible within the mainstream – we wish you every success with your endeavours.

To find out more about aerial filming, photography and surveying visit our sister company Sky Visual

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CAA approved Aerial Filming & Photography

With nearly 15 years experience in filming, editing and production services we now also offer stunning aerial filming and photography services via our sister company Sky Visual.

We specialise in creating stunning aerial films or static photography to promote your business, organisation or venue. We also provide inspection work for high, difficult to reach parts of buildings.

As a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved contractor we offer a first class, personal service capturing unique film and images across a wide variety of industries and business. We are committed to safe working practices and are fully insured drone operators, with £2 million public liability insurance.

We cover Hertfordshire, home counties and the South East providing stunning aerial filming and still photography services.

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There is no better way to promote your business or organisation or event than with aerial video or photography. We work with our clients to create content that will make your business, event or product really stand out against the competition.