Hiring Aerial Drone Services

Reading time – 2 minutes Hiring aerial filming/photography services Aerial drone filming and photography services are becoming a really popular and cost-effective way for businesses to give their business, products or venues visibility and stand out from the crowd. From real estate and venue promotions to roof inspections and product commercials, aerial film and photography […]

How to write a video brief

Reading time – 2 minutes How to write a brilliant video brief When it comes to producing video content, production is only half the battle. In order to ensure that the finished product is as effective as possible, you need to plan your video thoroughly. A great place to start is with a video brief. […]

What is a Product Explainer video?

Reading time – 1 minute 30 seconds What is a Product Explainer video? Today’s customers are more informed and connected than ever before. When they find a product they like, their first reaction is to google it, instead of buying it right away. As a result, companies who invest in smart marketing strategies to help […]